Best Public Sector Innovation

The UK government invests heavily in the Life Sciences industry. It set out a bold new Life Sciences Vision in 2021 and has committed to investing £200m to allocate to innovative Life Sciences companies and has also committed £260m to support new treatments, clinical research and manufacturing. By 2027, the UK has committed to spending 2.4% of GDP on research and development.

The NHS is the largest single payer healthcare provider in the world, serving the needs of more than 50 million patients. The scale and challenges faced by the NHS leads to a large number of innovations and opportunities. Therefore, many of the innovations within the Life Sciences industry in the United Kingdom are driven by the needs of the NHS.

To recognise the innovations that are funded and driven by the UK government via the NHS and not-for-profit organisations has led the UK Prix Galien committee to announce a new award category for ‘Best Public Sector Innovation’. 

The UK Prix Galien Award for ‘Best Public Sector Innovation’ is open to any innovation that has been wholly or majority funded and developed by the NHS or not-for-profit organisations. For this prize nominations will be accepted for innovations that have facilitated and enabled uptake of drugs, devices and technologies at scale within the NHS that have had an important impact on the health of the population.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Wholly or majority funded and/or developed by public sector or not-for-profit organisations, including charities
  • Excludes innovations developed by private sector organisations that have received government / public sector funding
  • See the Quick Facts Sheet


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